Windows/Linux Troubleshooting

Locked Up Computer

My computer locked up, how do I unlock it?

Windows: Reboot

Linux (Solution 1): Press to open a new virtual session. Use top to find the application causing the problem. Use kill (as root if necessary) to kill the application. Press to return to your xWindow session

Linux (Solution 2): Connect via SSH or TTY from an external computer, use top to find the application causing the problem and kill the application.

Linux (Solution 3): If you don’t mind loosing your xSession, press to restart the xSession. If the xSession does not restart (you are no in runlevel 5), type startx at the command line.

Linux (Solution 4): I’ve never actually had to do this, but I believe you can reboot your computer to clear the problem

My computer locked up and I don’t want to loose my data, what do I do?

Windows: Yell at the computer.

Linux: Any of the Linux solutions above except for solution 4.