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Joel Griffiths

806 NW 37TH ST · Blue Springs, Missouri 64015
· Google Voice: 530-388-JOEL (5635)
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Seeking to combine separate technical skills of Unix Administration and Software Engineering. Offer over ten years UNIX / Linux (Solaris, Linux, Irix, and SCO) and software development experience (OO Perl, C, C++, bash, JavaScript, PHP, and Assembly). Prefer complex technical challenges.
GoDaddy Software
October 2003 – Present
Senior Linux Engineer
Scottsdale, AZ
Linux administrator for large enterprise class web-based email system. Write automated installation tools, tcp/ip monitoring applications, DDOS prevention applications, anti-spam systems, and web-based administration applications. Install, configure and maintain highly specialized apache, qmail, courier-imap, vscand, stunnel, and MySQL installations. Tune kernel, NFS settings, and database configurations. Port applications between databases. Write applications in C++, PHP, BASH, and Perl. Create software to load-balance MySQL connections between several load-balanced database clusters. Assist in roll-out of bleeding edge technologies including Anti-Phishing and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). Write TCP client/servers to monitor and control systems. Redesign, document, and implement major architectural changes to cope with extremely high growth rates.
Oxford International (Inter-tel Contract)
July 2002 – October 2003
Software Engineer
Chandler, AZ
Designed extensive, multi-threaded logging application for Windows (Visual C++ / STL) using a combination of COM, shared-memory, database programming (ODBC), and LDAP directory services. Modified XMail to support voice-mail attachments in incoming and outgoing email: RFC 2421/Voice Profile for Internet Mail – version 2. Installed and configured openLDAP, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MS SQL Server, and SOLID.
Aver, Inc. (contract)
November 2001 – July 2002
Senior Internet Engineer
Palm Desert, CA
Rehired temporarily to restore Aver’s on-line Data Recovery presence (See 1997-2000 below). Installed distributed network architecture consisting of Apache, qmail, NIS, NFS, PostgreSQL, wu-ftpd, and DNS/Bind servers. Installed and maintained iptables-based firewall/DMZ for load-balanced Apache / qmail servers running in a distributed environment (Linux NIS/NFS/RAID Filer). Redesigned primary websites using a combination of Perl, C, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, SH, PostgreSQL, DBI, OOP, mod_perl, and Apache. Designed cookie-based affiliate program with database persistant (PostgreSQL and Cookies) account management. Wrote open-source perl script to automatically combine, rotate, and parse (using Webalizer) Apache logs from load-balanced web servers. Resolved and reported bug with rc.firewall script for iptables. Configured routers for P2P frame-relay connectivity. Modified qmail to perform regular expression filtering of incoming e-mail message content. Increased customer inquiries for data recovery services by approximately 1000%.
May 2001 – November 2001
Software Engineer
Santa Clara, CA
Wrote and modified software written in C/C++ (Linux and Visual C++), Perl (EmbPerl), Java (Enhydra), and JavaScript (Mozilla specific DOM2). Installed and configured Apache, PostgreSQL, FastCGI, NetApps, and Enhydra servers within a collocation facility for customer’s server-side web-based email and remote software update services. Maintained automated build process written in SH for CVS. Extensive (~40%) reduction in workforce.
Xpede, Inc.
July 2000 – March 2001
Software Engineer
Oakland, CA
Designed and improved front-end Perl layer under mod_perl for corporate websites including CitiBank and First Union. Added Versata connectivity to multiple pages via CORBA for back-end services. Resolved a long-standing keepalive bug with Stronghold. Implemented Perl-based web-page caching mechanism to dramatically reduce database load. Wrote several Perl modules. Won company award for resolving other long-standing bugs. Assisted in rollout of Continuus. Worked briefly with Java and JSP’s under Weblogic. Company was liquidated in March 2001.
MedicaLogic, Inc.
April 2000 – June 2000
Internet Engineer
San Francisco, CA
Modified Java and Perl software used in formal web-site push process. Wrote and modified Java, Perl, and SH programs in a Solaris and CVS environment. Installed and evaluated Internet products including Netscape Enterprise Server, WebLogic, and enCommerce getAccess. Wrote user authentication interface using Java and Oracle. San Francisco office closed. San Francisco office was shut down June, 2000.
Aver, Inc.
August 1997 – April 2000
Senior Internet Engineer
Palm Desert, CA
Started and headed Aver’s Internet Division. Designed commercial websites using Perl, C, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, SH, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DBI, and mod_perl. Modified source (C) for wu-imapd and qmail for MySQL database authentication. Installed and maintained ipfwadm and ipchains firewall solution. Installed, configured, and maintained Apache, qmail, NIS, NFS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Radius (AAA), wu-imapd, wu-ftpd, DNS/Bind, and Sendmail servers. Wrote bash and Perl scripts to automatically maintain and monitor redundant servers. Installed and maintained numerous security packages: iptables, COPS, Tripwire, Logcheck, and Sentry Beta. Installed and configured Cisco, Netopia, and Ascend routers for frame-relay and ISDN connections. Conceived of and designed a web-based e-mail site for administration of customer owned domains. Wrote dialog and designed graphics for a 3D animated television commercial.
Qualcomm, Inc.
May 1994 – July 1996
Engineering Technician II
San Diego, CA
Lead design of internal Engineering Technician website. Wrote an internal Unix FAQ. Designed a Digital Arbitrary Wavework Generator ISA board (DAWG board) capable of generating 10MB of repetitive serial or Parallel data at 16.5Mbps. Extensive use of Synopsys, ViewLogic, Maxplus II, and NeoCAD to design, simulate, and route VHDL for FPGA and CPLD devices. Configured and maintained Solaris and Linux servers. Designed four new CPLDs (using VHDL) for digital signal acquisition and distribution. Worked with others to design (using Xilinx and Orca), simulate, and troubleshoot a Satellite Doppler Tracking system.
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
January 1993 – June 1994
System Test Technician
Mountain View, CA
Created new software (C and SH) to aid in the automated testing of high-end UNIX workstations. Spearheaded new diagnostic software distribution solution for high-end manufacturing test floor. Implemented E-mail services for High-End manufacturing floor. Assisted Diagnostic and Test Engineers in the introduction of new multi-processing and video capture products.
Photocomm, Inc.
February 1991 – October 1992
Scottsdale, AZ
Wrote extensive interrupt-driven application in C (using direct DMA and ISA access) to control and retrieve information to and from external devices. Headed design of an innovative solar module test station used to power, temperature, voltage, and current of a capacitive load at 1000mW/sq. cm during a 28us, 0-3000mW/sq. cm Xenon light burst. Designed five new products relating to voltage regulation and conversion, DC motor control, and Data Acquisition. Extensive use of data acquisition devices DAC, ADC, Sample and Hold, Analog Filters, and multiplexers.
DeVry Institute of Technology
November 1988 – January 1991
Senior Faculty Associate
Phoenix, AZ
One of two EET students to tutor students in Electronics Engineering Technology related subjects including C, Pascal, Digital Technology (Counters, State Machines, etc), Analog Technology (Rectifiers, Filters, and Amplifiers), and Mathematics (primarily Calculus) related subjects. Assisted students with Laboratory experiments and graded Laboratory projects and papers.
DeVry Institute of Technology
February 1991
Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology
Phoenix, AZ

GPA: 3.74

Honors: Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society, President’s List, Dean’s List

Graduated second in class

  • »Languages Used: C, C++, OO Perl, mod_perl, Apache API, Assembly Language, Java, bash, csh
  • »Operating Systems: Irix, Solaris, Linux, SCO, Windows, MacOS
  • »System Level Skills: TCP/IP routing, sockets, threads, shared memory, interrupts
  • »Internet Software: Weblogic, Enhydra, getAccess, NES,Versata
  • »Databases: Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, SOLID, MS SQL, openLDAP, Firebird
  • »Security Software: Tripwire, Sentry Beta, ipchains
  • »UNIX Administration: qmail, Sendmail, DNS, NIS, Apache, NES, Samba, NFS, truss, strace, iostat, mpstat, vmstat, sar
  • »Network Configuration: Cisco, Netopia, Ascend, Network Appliance
  • »Protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, TCP, UDP, IP
  • »Assembly Languages: 680X0, 680X, Z80 (6809 at age 12)
  • »VHDL Software: Synopsys, MaxPlus II, NeoCad, OrCAD
  • »Analog Devices: DAC, ADC, Sample & Hold, Op-Amp, MOSFET, BJT, IGBT,Filter, DC-DC, Linear and Switching Current and Voltage Regulation
  • »Digital Devices: DMA controllers, PIO/PIA’s, Flip-Flops, State Machines, Counters
  • »Versioning Systems: CVS, Perforce, Continuus
  • »Email Applications: qmail, Sendmail, XMail Server
Additional Information
  • »Heavy administrative use of Irix, Linux, Solaris, and SCO since 1993.
  • »C experience includes interrupt service routines and component-level drivers. Specifically experienced with PIA, PIO, DMA, and PCI/ISA. Have additional experience with client/server sockets and POSIX Threads.
  • »Perl experience includes the development and implementation of financial CRM Software, Web- Based E-mail Systems, SOAP applications, CORBA application, and Affiliate Programs using a variety of mod_perl, FastCGI, EmbPerl, Apache handlers (API).
  • »Database experience includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle under C, Perl, and Java.
  • »Very hands-on, have strong troubleshooting skills, and thrive in high-pressure environments.
  • »Extremely skilled at low-level modification of email servers and design of web-based email applications.